Blind Skateboards is re-issuing 3 super iconic graphics. All of the boards are hand pressed in the USA (as demanded by Gonz) not pressed at DSM in China and they all come in two versions, a hand screened graphic or a heat transfer graphic. Art by Mark Mckee. 

Blind Heritage Series feature 3 boards: 
-Blind Jason Lee Dodo Skull Deck
-Blind Mark Gonzales Skull & Banana Deck
-Blind Rudy Johnson Jock Skull Deck

In the late 80's skateboarding was booming and Powell Peralta and Vision skateboards seemed like they were too huge to fail. Around this time Steve Rocco was being let go from Sims skateboards (owned by Brad Dorfman) and decided to start his own board brand. In 1989, Mark Gonzales jumped ship from Vision skateboards (also owned by Dorfman) and started his own brand under the world umbrella. He decided to call his company Blind skateboards, a not so subtle dig at Brad Dorfman's Vision skateboards. 

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