Arai RX-7V Evo - Kevin Schwantz (Pepsi)


The RX-7 has always been the benchmark of Arai’s motorcycle racing R&D at the very highest level. Handmade in Japan by a three-generation family company of riders, it is Arai’s state-of-the-art helmet.


When it comes to proficiency in head protection, Arai has the goal of making a helmet superior to all others and continues to make our helmets this way today. We have seen this confirmed in many of our rider crashes over several decades, and we pursue gains in protection even if just a little.


Head protection means managing impact energy. Many understand it to be about absorbing energy, but we believe that’s just one part of impact energy management. The lower the impact energy, the less needs to be absorbed. Arai does that by making rounder, smoother and stronger outer shells to improve Glancing Off performance and reduce impact energy transferring into the helmet. This is unique to Arai and our core philosophy.



ECE R22-06 requires a much more stringent testing process than the previous ECE R22-05 and includes an oblique test to measure rotation. Arai presented the RX-7V and it gained homologation while maintaining its characteristic round, smooth and strong shell design. Or simply put, by being an Arai RX-7V.

Acquisition of the latest standards represent the current benchmark of the time, but Arai always continues to pursue improvements to protect the rider.



The RX-7V EVO (FRHPhe-01) is your go to helmet when participating in FIM sanctioned events. 


The RX-7V EVO is our flagship model with proven Arai protection combined with the ECE R22-06 approval, and now also with the addition of the FIM FRHPhe approval. The FIM label can be found on the chinstrap, required on helmets for all racers participating in FIM sanctioned events.


The RX-7V EVO (FRHPhe-01) is required for FIM sanctioned events only. This model comes standard with Max Vision visor and Pinlock insert. The clear spoiler (DF-X2) will not be mounted, but is separately available in the box.


The RX-7V EVO (FRHPhe-01) is available in the complete size range as the regular RX-7V EVO, from XS thru XXXL, in plain white and plain black.


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